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Available January 1st

The Culture Works Book Club fuels your forward progress. It keeps your momentum, focus and inspiration rolling. Each month you’ll receive:

1. New Insightful Culture Improving Content, Concepts and Case Studies (delivered in two, 3-5 minute videos)

2. One Kick Booty Culture Improving Tool – beyond what’s in the book!
(delivered directly to your inbox)

3. Expert Advice to Your Questions: Each month you can submit your most pressing culture questions and Kris will answer them! Answers delivered in a 45-minute live office-hours format that will be recorded, posted and transcribed.

Individual Book Club Bonus: If you share your thoughts and suggestions on the “Culture Quandary of the Month” you will receive all of the compiled responses and recommendations. And should you participate each month for a year, you will also receive our esteemed “Culture Works Certificate of Commitment.”

Team Book Club Bonus: Teams of eight or more who sign up together receive a 45-minute custom Kick-Off and Q & A video call with Kris. Grill me on your most pressing culture issues!

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*Please note, your subscription will renew each year on the date your subscription began.  We send three reminders prior to that date – the month before, the week before and the day before.

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